What is a Foilbucker® pickup¿

The Foilbucker® pickup is a proprietary (passive) pickup design created and built by Ronin Guitars. The first prototype Foilbucker was built for guitarist and producer David Torn. The "DT Prototype" winding option is a copy of the original prototype set made for David's Mirari guitar, aka "Pinky".

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I bought a set of Foilbucker® pickups, now wut¿

Well, the good news is you have many options. 

1. You can retrofit them in your existing guitar. Since the pickups are big, and not a standard size (believe me there is good reason) you will need the body and possibly the pickguard routed for the Foilbucker. Your local guitar repair shop can help with this if its above your pay grade.

2. You can send the pickups to a luthier/guitar company of your choosing and have them make you a guitar.

3. You can DIY yourself a "parts-caster" and have some fun! This option may have mixed results depending on your skill, and level of patience. 

4. You can hang on to the pickups for a little while until inspiration strikes!

What about the Foilbucker® Mini, Single Foil and Stormcrow Foilbucker® pickups¿

Coming soon!

Will you ever make a S, T or JM style body/kit ready to assemble?

Its on the table for due consideration but nothing is final.


What do Foilbuckers like¿:

Really old, supremely resonant, lightweight, vertical grain tone woods.

• Mahogany, Sapelle and Roasted Maple Necks

• Pigtail® Music Aluminum Bridges (for 24.5" scale set neck instruments)

• Stewmac Fretwire

• John Mann® Two-pin Tremolos

• 250k CTS Pots & 200v tone caps

• Stamped Steel Saddles

What do Foilbuckers dislike¿:

• Excessively dense, un-resonant body wood

• Excessively dense, un-resonant neck and fingerboard wood

• Stainless Steel Fretwire